How to throw a meet-up

How you can throw your first meet-up on Little Atlas


Little Atlas is where web3 communities go to self-organise around the world and throw local events to connect members and build deeper connections within their community 🌎🥂

Your community joined Little Atlas to grow its presence in the real world - and to give you the tools to easily throw incredible local events for you and other members in your city! 🛠️

Little Atlas helps Champions - leaders of local sub-communities, organise, promote and run local events directly through the platform.

As a Champion, you will connect your local members with the help and support of your community manager as well as our team 🤝

Champions play a very important role in communities on Little Atlas, and becoming a Champion by throwing your first event can unlock incredible opportunities to play a bigger role in your community and the wider web3 space. 🌱

Some ways our partner communities reward champions:

  • Exclusive Champion sub-communities 🤫

  • Exposure on Twitter and other socials 📣

  • Custom branded merch and other rewards 🎁

Becoming a Champion is easy! All you have to do is throw your first meetup for your community on Little Atlas.

Read on to learn how you can throw your first meetup on Little Atlas and bring your community together as a Champion! 👀

Meetups on Little Atlas

Little Atlas helps communities throw casual meetups all around the world and at any time of the year - all in a completely decentralised way! ☕️

Unlike official conference side events, meetups on Little Atlas are organised directly by community members - making them more casual, accessible and helping members connect wherever they may be. 🌐

Over the last few months, Little Atlas enabled Chimpers and ZenAcademy NFT community members to throw over 40 events around the world and bring together hundreds of their members in the real world! 📈

Our unique token-gated platform puts the power to get together with your community into your hands:

Here’s how it works:

  • Community map 🗺️ - lets you discover your neighbours within the community

  • Member profiles 🪪 - help you find and connect with locals on Twitter and Discord to help you connect and bootstrap a local community

  • Meetup planner 📒 - is the simplest way to gather in web3 - allowing you to propose an event in minutes and spread the word via automated invite emails to get every local involved.

  • Event pages 🎟️ - help you quickly share your event with fellow members and keep everyone updated to build excitement for the big day!

Meetups on Little Atlas can be big or small, casual or ambitious - our platform is here to help you get creative and create truly unique experiences for your local community!

As your local community grows, you can start planning more ambitious events. However, the best way to start is to keep it simple! Here are a few ideas that you can get off the ground in just a few hours of planning:

  • Grab a drink 🍻 - pick a nice spot for a coffee or evening drinks on a weekday

  • Host a dinner 🍽️ - invite your local frens for a bite at your favourite spot

  • Do a fun activity 🎟️ - watch a game, visit a museum or just go for a walk!

Read on to see just how easy it is to get one of these ideas off the ground!

Plan your first meetup

Ready to throw your first meetup? Follow this simple checklist to get your first gathering off the ground.

Step 1: Check the map

First thing’s first - check out your local map to make sure there’s enough demand for you to start a local community. If you live in a major city - it’s likely that there will be enough members already for you to throw a successful event. 🌆

Rule of thumb: You want to have at least 3-4 members an hour’s drive/public transport away from your location to throw a successful meetup.

Live in a major city but don’t see enough members nearby?

  • Share a tweet to find and help onboard locals in your community. 📣

  • Reach out to your community manager to see if they know any local members that haven’t joined Little Atlas yet. 💬

Step 2: Plan your meetup

The next step is to think of a great idea for a meetup! If it’s your first time, we recommend that you keep it simple and casual - grab a drink, some food or a casual activity. You’ll find that these activities are easier to plan and execute, and you can work with your local community to come up with more unique and exciting ideas for future meetups!

Once you have a good plan in place, let’s kick off the planning process:

Let your Community Manager know! 💬

DM your community manager to see what help, support and incentives are available to you! Remember - community managers are looking for members like you to spearhead local initiatives, and will be more than happy to help you on your journey. Here are some of the things that community managers could help you with - note that this depends on the community:

  • Marketing your event 📣 - helping get you and your event exposure on official channels within the community - such as Discord and Twitter.

  • Reimbursements 🪙 - some communities offer reimbursements for meetups, such as covering food and drink tabs!

  • Fun rewards 🎁 - some communities can even provide rewards, including POAPs and even merch!

Choose a date 📆

We recommend you pick a date at least 2 weeks in advance to give everyone time to plan around it!

Book your spot 📍

If you need to book your venue or activity, you can do so right now! We recommend booking to accommodate 60-70% of your local members on the map.

Reach out to local members 📣

Check out your local map and share your idea with a couple of members (you can grab their Twitter and Discord from their Little Atlas profile) to get a few people onboard! You can use this example message:

Hey <name>, I just saw your profile on Little Atlas, and noticed that we’re both based in <Location> and part of <Community>. I’m thinking of organising <Activity> on <Date>. Let me know if you can make it!

Once you have your date, location and a couple interested local members - you’re ready to put the event on Little Atlas! Read on to learn how:

Step 3: Put the event on Little Atlas

Congratulations! 🎉 At this point you’ve done most of the groundwork for your meetup - here comes the easy part. Let’s add your event on Little Atlas in just a few minutes:

  • Choose a banner 🌅 - pick from one of the options provided by your community, or get creative and create your own!

  • Fill in the key details ✍️ - add your event name, location, date and description! If you have a booking, make sure you mention it to make it easy to find you on the day. This is also a great opportunity to mention any free tabs, reimbursements or rewards offered for attendees!

  • Create a chat group 💬 - If you don’t have one already, you can create a chat group for your local community. This could be a Twitter group, Telegram channel or using any other messaging platform. Once your event is approved, the chat group will be displayed on the event page!

  • Submit your event and get it approved ✅ - Once you’re ready, just hit “Submit” and wait for your event to get approved by the community team. Once approved, Little Atlas will automatically email everyone in your area with an invite to join.

Get the word out

With your meetup now on the platform and everyone in your local community with an invite, now is the perfect time to get the word out and share your event with the wider community! Whilst this is an optional step, this is sure to get you support and recognition from your community and get everyone excited about what you’re doing. 🎊

Here’s how:

  • Share the event page on socials 📣 - post your event page on Twitter and other social media platforms to get some eyes on what you’re doing. Note: everyone will be able to see key details of the event, but only Little Atlas members on your community map will see attendance information. This keeps your meetup private but still safe to share!

  • Post on the event to keep everyone excited 💬 - you can add a comment to the event timeline as you approach the day of the meetup. You can use the Email Blast feature to send all attendees an email update as well!

  • Automated emails ✉️ - the platform will automatically send reminder emails to your attendees X days before the event. Keep this in mind as this will grow the number of RSVPs as the date approaches!

Keep everyone updated

Sometimes things don’t go to plan and you might have to change the date, activity or venue of your event. It’s really simple to keep everyone on the same page when this happens:

  • Update your event on Little Atlas ✍️ - you can edit your event to update key details, such as date and location. Any changes you make will be automatically emailed to attendees in an update email.

  • Send an email blast 📧 - add a personal touch to any updates by sending an email blast to keep everyone updated and maintain excitement!

Not getting enough RSVPs?

If you have fewer attendees for your event than you expect and you have just a few days left until the event, we recommend that you postpone your event by a few weeks to give more people the chance to attend.

Don’t be discouraged if this happens - there could be many reasons that aren’t related to your meetup, such as seasonal changes in attendance, clashes with existing commitments from members or poor timing with other events and conferences. The best thing to do is push the event back by a few weeks and try again!

On the day of the meetup

It’s finally the day! Here’s a quick checklist to help you make sure that your meetup goes smoothly and everyone has a great time:

  • Send an email blast to get everyone excited and let them know where to find you at the venue and how to best contact you if any issues arise.

  • Arrive early - we recommend arriving half an hour before your official start time to catch anyone who might turn up ahead of the start.

  • Take photos! - once everyone gets together, be sure to take a group photo. Before you do that, it’s important that you ask everyone for consent. You can work with us to anonymise any photos with emojis or NFTs if anyone raises privacy concerns.

  • Count attendance - take a quick count of how many members joined and if there were any +1s attending - your community manager would love to know this information, and it could help you get more support for your next event.

Last but not least, don’t forget to have a great time!

After your meetup

Congratulations on throwing your first meetup! In just a few weeks, you’ve planned, promoted and ran your first event for your community! You’re now well on your way to growing a local community, and we hope you’ve enjoyed the journey so far. Here are a few next steps to make sure you get the most out of your experience and keep the momentum going with your local friends:

  • Share your meetup photos 📸 - be sure to post them on Twitter (tag the community to get some retweets and boost engagement!) and your community Discord.

  • Start a local chat group 💬 - if you haven’t already, be sure to connect with everyone after the event through a local chat group.

  • Update your community manager 💬 - be sure to share any photos and attendance information. This is a great time to ask about and discuss any help or incentives that could help make the next event you host even bigger and better!

  • Plan your next event 📆 - commit to throwing another meetup a few weeks or months in the future! A good way to start is to ask your local group for feedback and activity ideas for next time. Maybe you could even find a partner to help you plan the next one, together!

Thank you for reading this in-depth guide on meetups!

If you have any questions or feedback, don’t hesitate to reach out to the team! You can find us on Telegram.

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